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Published: 18th June 2008
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A question heard a lot in the world of mini motos is: what is the difference between mini motos and midi motos?

Well the answer is simple, the difference between a mini and midi moto is the size. A midi moto is about one and a half times the size of a mini moto which is why it is named 'midi'. Although that is the only official difference between mini and midi motos there are also several other differences.

Because of a midi motos size many companies are now producing these bikes with much larger engines. These bikes start off with the same 49cc 2 stroke engine which can be found in mini motos however, the difference is that midi motos can be purchased with engines up to 150cc 4 stroke, 4 speed engines which have a manual clutch. Nothing like this is available in a mini moto, in fact I think the biggest engine available in a mini moto is 49cc (maybe around 60cc if bored out).

Midi motos also have a lot of extras, for example, most midi motos come with full electrics, including electric start, headlights, brake lights and more recently alarms and remote starts. This goes to show the differences between mini motos and midi motos.

However not every midi moto is different in this way. Racing midi motos, such as the ones made by mini moto racing company GRC, are very similar to mini motos. They have the same engines, same components, but they are just slightly larger than mini motos. These types of midi mots are also allowed to race in the mini moto racing leagues, and are recognised by mini moto racing authorities.

With so many midi motos available to buy, with so many options and gadgets it is no wonder why midi motos are becoming ever more popular. They cater to a wider audience and allow people who perhaps can not fit on a mini moto to be able to ride miniature pocket rockets.

So now you know what a midi moto is its time to get searching for one to buy. There are hundreds available on line with many different models, with different engine sizes and styles. Your best bet is to look around a bit before you buy, because the same bike on a different site could be a hell of a lot cheaper. Also take a look at some on line auction sites as well as they often have bargains on them.

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