Which mini moto is right for you?

Published: 13th July 2006
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There are several different styles of mini moto available for you to buy today. These cover a range of different styles which will suit different riders depending on where and how they wish to ride their bikes.

Firstly we have your usual mini moto. These are tiny race replicas of larger motorbikes; they stand no taller then around 60cm off the ground! These are usually 39cc but can be purchased up to 49cc, and in some cases kits can be bought to increase capacity to near on 60cc. Usually the bikes start at around 2.5hp and can now be purchased at up to 15hp. These have a two-stroke single cylinder engine.

These are available in either air or liquid cooled models. These bikes are easily modified and when modified as much as possible they have been known to reach over 70 mph, with the land speed record for a mini moto at 78mph! These bikes aren't particularly made for the larger rider due to their size although many 6ft tall adults can ride them! These are great if you wish to race them, as they are the main form of racing mini motos with leagues and events taking place all over the world.

They are also good fun if you just want to ride them around a private piece of land and not race them.

Next we have midi motos, slightly larger than the mini motos, this is to ensure all riders are capable of riding them. These usually are no less powerful than 4.2hp and can be bought up to 15hp and again modified highly as with the mini motos with the same spec engines. Due to the extra size and weight they may not be as fast as the mini motos but with the extra legroom are much more viable for most adults and larger people. They can still be raced on the track with many top mini moto manufacturers producing race spec midi motos and leagues and events being created involving these bikes.

Another style of mini moto is the mini moto ATV. These are around the same size as the mini motos but in the style of a quad with four wheels. These are usually around 3.7hp. They usually have the same engines as mini motos or petrol scooters, 43cc, 47cc or 49cc, capable of similar speeds to mini motos of around 40mph standard in some cases. These are great if you find it hard to balance on a mini moto as these have four wheels rather than the two.

The next type of mini moto you can buy is a mini moto sidecar; these are mini motos with sidecars on the side of them just like the full size racing sidecars. Again using the same two-stroke engine as the mini motos as the main part of the bike is just a mini moto and capable of similar speeds. The sidecar in these bikes are not very large and in all honesty would be very hard to carry an extra person on the side, due to size issues and power issues (the mini moto would struggle to pull both of you along). It is because of this I feel that they are mainly for novelty purposes and to increase the balance of the mini motos for younger riders or those of us who are less stable.

Lastly mini dirt bikes These are available in many different sizes of frame and engines. The engines vary in size from as little as 39cc in the smaller dirt bikes, these go up to the 125cc pit bike style mini dirt bikes, that are intended for off-road racing unlike the smaller versions, which are not really made to be used in extreme off road conditions as they can not handle it. If you have a field or an uneven piece of land that you wish to ride on rather than a tarmac track then this style of mini moto is by far the best for you. The slightly larger pit bikes can be raced off road and can handle any off road terrain which it may face which is great, and due to them being slightly larger than the usual mini motos they are also better suited for adults and larger people who may wish to ride them.

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